Civil judgments are awarded in the U.S. every year in tens of thousands of counties, states and federal districts.

How is your monetary  judgment going to be located easily  by anyone doing research on the defendant?  A search would have to be performed in every state and county court where the defendant has lived.  Even Internet fee background searches do not always produce complete judgment information.

It may appear in the defendant's credit report but can only be obtained by non-credit bureau members using a court subpoena served on the credit bureau.

The Internet Civil Judgment Registry provides a unique centralized national database where defendants' names can be searched for free by anyone with Internet access anywhere in the world.

Information in the database has been entered by plaintiffs, attorneys, collection agencies who want to ensure that their judgments can be located quickly and easily at no cost to the searcher.

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Register a civil or criminal for $29.95 and the Defendant will be sent a letter advising that payment must be made within 30 days or the judgment will be published in the Internet database.   

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Search the Civil Judgment Database  -  For FREE     

When a judgment is published in the
Internet Civil Judgment Registry database, case information can be viewed for free by anyone with Internet access simply by searching the Defendant's name.  


Has the Defendant moved out of state?  Don't let the foreign state's Statute of Limitations for filing expire. Check the Statutes on the state's Website.




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