How to Delete Judgments
Judgments can be deleted from the database by the Defendant in the following ways:

   (1)  A certified copy of the Satisfaction of Judgment
         showing the judgment as paid in full.  

   (2) The judgment is expunged from the court records.  

   (3) The Plaintiff requests that the judgment be removed.
Mail a copy of the above documents to:

Internet Civil Judgment Registry
P.O. Box 253
Hiawassee, GA 30546

Scan a copy of the documents and e-mail to:

        or call (303)-463-5636    


Delete your judgment by e-mailing a request. The e-mail must include your name, address, phone number and case number. 

We will contact you by phone to verify the information.



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Register a civil or criminal for $29.95 and the Defendant will be sent a letter advising that payment must be made within 30 days or the judgment will be published in the Internet database.   

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When a judgment is published in the
Internet Civil Judgment Registry database, case information can be viewed for free by anyone with Internet access simply by searching the Defendant's name.  


Has the Defendant moved out of state?  Don't let the foreign state's Statute of Limitations for filing expire. Check the  Statutes on the state's Website.




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