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 Name   Charles Howard Gamble  Name  Allan Coleman Sholl as the Trustee of the Lillian Meglen 1986 Trust 
 Street   Not Available Online  Street  ?
 City, State, Zip   Fredericksburg, Virginia 22407  City, State Zip  Stockton, California 95209
 Judgment County   Riverside

Attorney of Record


 Judgment State   California  Plaintiff's Attorney  
 Judgment Amount:   $110,000; $825,000  Plaintiff's Attorney Firm  
 Judgment Date:   03/19/2010; 05/11/2010  Plaintiff's Attorney City/State  
 Case Number:   08-22247-PC  Plaintiff's Attorney Phone  
 Court Name

  U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Central Dist. of CA

 CONTACT INFORMATION  Plaintiff can be contacted directly through the information below.
 ICJR* Date   9/2/17  Contact Name  Internet Civil Judgment Registry
 ICJR* Number   1029 *Company  N/A
 Judgment Expiration Date  3/18/2020  Street  N/A
 Misc. Comments


 City, State, Zip  N/A,  N/A    N/A
 Certified Court Record .#Court Records#  Phone  ?
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*Internet Civil  Judgment Registry  *Attorney, Collector,
Judgment Recovery Co

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