Why Register A Judgment?  

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Collecting is easier when the Defendant knows other people can easily learn about the judgment.

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Civil judgments are recorded in the county where they were awarded, not in a national database, which complicates discovery.

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Credit bureaus pick up judgments over time, but there is no guarantee that all judgments will be entered.

 Some jobs are not
 available to people
 with bad credit.   A
 Defendant who
 wants a good job 
 will  be encouraged
 to clear a bad credit

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Most people do not have access to others' credit reports.  So how can landlords, small business owners, new business associates be informed about civil judgments?

Judgments can be uncovered for a fee
in a thorough background report.  But in the Internet Civil Judgment Registry, they can be found for free.

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Mortgage lenders usually require judgments to be paid off before making a home loan.  New spouses may not know about their mate's judgments
until the couple tries to buy a home.
Tenants can also be blacklisted.

Register a judgment and let the world know --- and increase your chance for collecting.